The Grand Master Sekar

Grand Master

The Grand Master R.Sekar dedicated his whole life for Kung Fu to spread it throughout India.

He learnt the techniques and secrets of Kung Fu from his master KALAI-ACHONY LEE in HongKong. He is the best student in KALAI-ACHONY LEE’S School. Back in India he created International Association of Masuria Kung Fu and International training center at Vadakadambadi, Near Chennai.

To know about the reputation of Mansuria Kungu Fu in India, we should know about the various professionals those who trained by Grand Masters are working in various industries like cinema, army and police.

With 45 years of training and teaching, there are now more than 20 000 black belts and 1 lakh students who was trained by the Grand Master throughout the world , in France, Malaysia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Dubai. There are also some practitioners and professional are now in Germany and in England. More than 1500 associations are now linked with the Mansuria Kung Fu International.


Mallai Sathya


+91-97864 28229

No 10, Anna Nagar, Mamallapuram - 603104.

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Mallai Sathya

SHI SHIFU C.E. Sathya is one of the best students of Grand Master R. Sekar.

He joined Mansuria Kung Fu International School in 1984, after three years of Master’s complete training he got his first black belt in 1987. After his hard works and great contribution towards Kung Fu he obtained 5th Dan Black Belt.

On October 29, 2014, following the death of his Grand Master R.Sekar, he took in-charge of the International Mansuria Kung Fu Martial Arts. On every annual Memorial Day of his Grand Master, he organizes competitions and select best masters among them to give Bodhidharma Award.

His Love towards martial arts praised him various Awards and Honors. Some of them are Great Grand Master Medal (K.A. Lee Medal), Outstanding Martial Artist Award (RBR Awards 2016), Honorary Secretary For India (International Shotokan Karate - Do Organization), Chief Patron for Asan Martial Arts & Sport Academy, Chief Patron & Chairman for Chengalpattu District Boxing Association etc..

Mallai Sathya

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I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.  
~ Bruce Lee