The Mansuria Kung Fu is Based on 12 styles, Derived mainly from ANIMAL Behavior.

The first lessons of the Mansuria Kung Fu are on basic techniques like in all other Kung Fu styles(elbows, knees, punches, self-defense, stences). Those techniques are primary to learn the "boxing animals" later, especially when the instructor has acquired a good knowledge of the student and the student a good knowledge of the "basic" stuff. Each style is based on basic techniques, as well as on taos and self-defense exercises that are specific. These styles, mainly inspired by the behavior of some animals will be directly influenced by the specificity of each animal that it corresponds: the natural fluidity of the snake is found in the attitudes and postures of the style, the agility of the monkey with its unpredictable attitudes are the main characteristic of the style of the monkey... Each animal has its own fighting strategy: it is found in the corresponding style. It is important to note that the goal of those animal fighting skills is to kill the enemy in order to survive, to defend or to protect your territory and your family (this dimension is also reflected in the different techniques). A description of the main characteristics of each animal can give a better understanding of the techniques associated with it.
  1. Quan (click here)
  2. Snake (click here)
  3. Monkey (click here)
  4. Tiger (click here)
  5. Eagle (click here)
  6. Mansuria (click here)
  7. Leopard (click here)
  8. Chicken (click here)
  9. Dragon (click here)
  10. Drunken (click here)
  11. Buddha (click here)
  12. Accu Punch (click here)