Legal Registeration

Mansuria Kung Fu International is registerd under The Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975 (Tamil Nadu Act 27 of 1975). The registeration number is Mansuria Kung Fu International (R-249).

Mallai Sathya

Mallai C.E Sathya

SHI SHIFU C.E. Sathya joined Mansuria Kung Fu School in 1984, after completing his three years of training, in 1987 he got his Black Belt, Subsequently in 1992 - 2nd Dan, in 1995 - 3rd Dan, in 2005 - 4th Dan, in 2011 - 5th Dan Black Belts where obtained by him.

He also runs branch school of Mansuria Kung Fu in Mamallapuram from 1987. He has trained more than 900 students of which 15 of them have got black belts. He also won the championship award in national level open martial arts tournament in the year of 1990-91. Moreover he has received 20 Medals as best instructor and 15 medals as best referee. For his outstanding service for the past 30 Years, he is honored with GREAT GRAND MASTER MEDAL for the year 2014.

The Biography

Mallai C.E. Sathya
December 10, 1963
Birth Place:
Kurumbirai, Uthiramerur.
C.Egambaram & Nagammal
Keerthivarman (Son), Kannagi (Daughter)

Kanchipuram, India's one among 7 oldest cities, has been the capital of Tamil Nadu's Pallava Empire. His native and birth place is Kurumbirai village, Salavakkam Panchayat, Uthiramerur Union which is famous for Rock-cut architecture and a place where he cherish his father's memories. Mamallpuram an ancient port town of Pallavas, was declared by UNESCO as the World Heritage site in 1970 where Mr. C. Ekambaram, who served in the India Tourism Department Corporation was transferred Mamallapuram and settled.

He studied at the Salavakkam Government Higher Secondary School and continued B.A History at the University of Madras and further studied M.A Sociology at Annamalai University of Chidambaram. He won so many awards and accolades at the district level by taking place in Baseball, Kabadi, Running and Cricket due to the high interest in the school curriculum. Kanchipuram District is the land of cultivating heroic people and is the home of martial arts. It is here that Bodhidharma was born and went to China where he build martial arts school Schaolin Temple which is a best performing school till date.

In 1985 he joined as a student of Mr. Sekar, Master of Martial Arts who follows Mansuria Kung Fu is an another formation of Kung Fu art. He attained 5th Dan Black Belt. In 1991-1992 he won the Indian National Champion of the year award. On October 29, 2014, following the death of his Master, he took in-charge of the International Mansuria Kung Fu Martial Arts. On every Occasion of his Master Sekar’s memorial day, 29th October he organizes competitions to select Best Masters to Award the Bodhidharma Award.


From 1987 to 1994, he operated two restaurants namely Honey Falls & Canari in Mamallapuram, a tourist's paradise. In the name of his mother Mrs. Nagammal he ran a craft items store. If he had not entered politics, his dream of becoming the owner of a five-star-hotel would have been come true through his hard work.


He has written five books so far and has written several articles.

  • Vagai Iduvom
  • Nadungatha Maangal
  • Theendatha Kaadhal
  • Paravaigal Palavidham
  • Savalgal (Printing)
Mallai Tamil Sangam

Since 2009, he founded the Tamil Sangam Association and became its Chairman. For 10th and 12th standard Government school students have been awarded annually by providing Incentives, Books and Certificates to encourage students for scoring higher marks in the Public Exams.

Mr. Mallai C.E. Sathya and members select best people for their Tamil works in Poetry, Music & Drama to award Tamil Scolars figures (The Great Tamilan) "Perunthamizhan" award, those who are worthy of art are honored "Perunthamizhan Award", for those who are excellent in the game are awarded "Mamallan Award" annually conducted and for the last two years, the "Perunthamizan Rajarajan Award" has been awarded to Tamil personalities who are exiled and living in other countries. In 2017, Mr. P.K. Shanmugam from Malaysia, the leader of the World Tamil Cultural Organization and Dr. Mikey Chetty of the World Tamil Cultural Association are awarded in 2018. So far the Tamils have won the Mallai Tamil Sangam awards. Justices of Chennai High Court Justice Mr. Chandru, Justice Mr. Mahadeven, Tamil Nadu's Best Senior IAS Officer Mr. Iraianbu, Veteran Actor Mr. Sivakumar, Mr. Tamizharuvi Manian, Professor Abdulkadar, Lyricist Arivumathi, Mr. Parivdendhar, Mr. Nammazhvar, Artist Mr. Draski, Artist Mr. Veera Santhanam, Master Sekarr, Master Ravichandran, Mr. Hockey Basker & Ms. Santhi and still the literary works are being carried out by Mr. Mallai C.E. Sathya and Mallai Tamil Sangam. On 15th Jan 2018, Mallai Tamil Sangam celebrated Thiruvalluvar day by sculpting 133 feet Ayyan Thirvalluvar sand statue on this birthday occasion which was widely praised.

Mr. Mallai C.E. Sathya always dedicated his entire life towards supporting and coordinating in Politics, Sports, Tamil Sangam and social services. He is having a habit that every year he travels by car around 60,000 kilometers. He is the best debutant in television, Orator and an acclaimed social activist in Tamil Nadu.

Lions Club

In 1994 he took over as a Charter President's of Lion's Club of Mamallapuram and performed best beyond his ability.


In 1994, one of India’s top Member of Parliament, Mr. Vaiko, started a political party called the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam, wherein he joined as a member of the party and became Mamallapuram Town Secretary and Kanchipuram District Deputy Secretary. State Youth Wing Secretary from 1998. Since 2004, as Deputy General Secretary of the party, for the last 25 years, he has have been raising voice to protect the rights of Tamil Nadu's livelihood and for Tamil's umbilical relations, Eelam Tamils under the leadership of Mr. Vaiko. He is trusted by the President Mr. Vaiko for his great work in public life. He has been elected as the chairman of Mamallapuram Town Panchayat Board by thousands of beloved people in 1996 to 2001 and has done welfares for the people. He was selected by the Tamil Nadu government for the best management among 625 Town Panchayats in Tamil Nadu. Since the coalition is not strong, he has lost the chance of contesting the legislative and parliamentary elections.

Sigaram Award

In 2005, the famous India Today magazine identified 15 young Icons as the youngest leaders in Tamil Nadu. In this list Mr. Mallai C.E. Sathya has also selected for the Young Icons.

Awards and Honours

  • 1987

    First Dan Black Belt honoured by School of Chinese Martial Arts Hong Kong affiliated.

  • August 18, 1991

    Winner of the All India Mansurian Kung Fu competition tournament held at YMCA Nandanam, Madras.

  • May 01, 1992

    Second Dan Black Belt honoured by School of Chinese Martial Arts Hong Kong affiliated.

  • 1995

    Third Dan Black Belt honoured by School of Chinese Martial Arts Hong Kong affiliated.

  • 2005

    Fourth Dan Black Belt honoured by School of Chinese Martial Arts Hong Kong affiliated.

  • 2011

    Fifth Dan Black Belt honoured by School of Chinese Martial Arts Hong Kong affiliated.

  • September 07, 2014

    He is honoured with Great Grand Master Medal (K.A. Lee Medal) for his outstanding service for the past 30years.

  • December 31, 2016

    Honoured with Outstanding Martial Artist Award (RBR Awards 2016) for his dedication towards the Spiritual, Science of Martial Arts in Kung Fu for the last 31 years by International Shotokan Karate - Do Organization (Founded by Hanshi Rajaguru T.Ravindran M.A., M.S., M.I.B.R, Founder, President & Grand Master, 9th Dan Black Belt – Ku Dan, International Grand Champion – Gold Medalist).

  • January 01, 2017

    Appointed as Honorary Secretary For India for his great achievements by International Shotokan Karate - Do Organization, Karate Associtaion of India.

  • 2018

    Appointed as Chief Patron for Asan Martial Arts & Sport Academy (Master N.D. Ashok Kumar, President)

  • 2019

    Appointed as Chief Patron & Chairman for Chengalpattu District Boxing Association (C.SenthilKumar B.P.A., Secretary, Chengapattu District Boxing Association, Technical ROC Youth Commission I.A.B.F.)

We learn martial arts as helping weakness. You never fight for people to get hurt. You're always helping people.  
~ Jackie Chan